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  • Vectary is the online 3D & AR Design platform for Graphic Designers.

    Online, fully-featured and easy to use 3D design tool with a team collaboration, comments, rendering, 3D modeling, importing, and much more...
    Vectary – Online 3D and AR design tool

    Democratization 3D Creation

    We bring 3D closer to designers

    There was a huge gap between 2D and 3D designing because of the complexity of 3D modeling software. Upgrade of designer’s skills was blocked by months of learning whole new principles how 3D space works. Vectary brings the third dimension closer to graphic designers with simple UI (similar to tools like Figma or Sketch) and intuitive 3D behavior, that everybody lean in a very short time. Vectary makes them feel at home even they are in a whole new industry.

    My role

    since 2014

    Product Designer

    As a 4th employee, I was hired to design and build a fully featured 3D Design tool for designers. As the time went by, I designed whole user interface and defined every 3D behavior that was needed for fully-functional 3D design app. I have always been a part of decision making about product direction, planning, monetization or company’s structure. I manage designers and development and I also hired new talents.


    Endless 3D space


    Building a product like 3D engine on blank canvas requires a lot of research and planning. The third dimension also hides a lot of dependencies and complex functions I had to keep in mind while designing. Lot of things are connected to each other and the solution should still be easy and intuitive.

    A Whole New Experience

    Redefined UX and UI in 3D

    From the first day, we’re inventing new and easy solutions for complex problems to provide our users simple way to get quick results.

    We established unique flows in 3D by the deep research and lot of prototyping. Every feature I designed has to be as intuitive as possible and I try to improve them until they’re in a harmony with the simplicity we observe.

    Vectary – Online 3D and AR design tool

    Dividing Complex Problems

    Working Modes

    3D design tool is devided into separate and extendable modes that segments and simplifies onboarding and it also keeps the user’s focus on a specific task.


    Simple User interface

    UI & Design System

    In such a comprehensive and complex tool it was necessary to have a styleguide that will be used throuoght the whole company. I defined a set of components we use in the design and in the code.


    Custom made guidance

    1k+ Icons

    Each project deserves set of custom made icons to visually guide a user through the whole product. Functions, tools, tabs and other actions are easier to understand with simple icons.

    Dev handoff <i class="capsule"></i>

    SVG sprites decreases server requests and traffic and vector keeps it a sharp on retina devices. Export of a new icon generates new sprites.

    3D Elements & Tools

    We had to define every behavior in 3D. From simple grid and intuitive 3D Gizmo and draggable handlers through selections and scene orientation to drawing and geometry cutting.


    Redefined 3D Gizmo

    Gizmo is an interactive 3D handler for basic transformations like move, rotate, and scale. We’ve invented inovative pivot placing and pivot transform functions and there is a lot more hidden under the hood.


    Custom grid helps with orientation in 3D space. Instead of 4 viewports we invented interactive Snap view. Perpendicular scene rotation snaps the camera to the closest side and switch it to the orthographic one.


    The jog is a special tool for easier setting of values right above the geometry you’re editing. User can set them by using easy gestures like click, toggle or dragging the handler around the circumference.

    Immersive and interactive

    3D Viewer on the Web

    Share 3D content on the web with a few clicks and iframe code usage. We designed the easiest flow how to get 3D on the web.

    Scroll Down

    Sell Products

    Sell products in a third dimension on your web and increase conversions

    3D Design Elements

    Enhance graphic designs with beautiful 3D elements that are able to interact with user’s gestures thanks to API.

    Augmented reality for iPhone and Android

    With a single click you can generate Augmented reality files for iPhone and Android that is triggered by clicking on the AR button.


    Objects List

    It’s not a coincidence that object list behaves similarly to mass market used 2D graphic tools. Since most of our users are graphic designers tipping their toes to the 3D world.


    Use object list as the same as you’re used to. Dragging, searching, renaming, right mouse click menu or foldering. We keep them all to feel the user at home.

    Parametric Objects

    Folder structure with stacking behavior is the best way to show objects dependencies. Children represent an geometry input to the parent object.

    Interactive Onboarding

    Even the simplest 3D Design tool needs an onboarding. We prepared multiple step by step tutorials that guides a user through usefull features. At the end of tutorial there is always something created.

    Vectary for Teams

    Most of agencies or production studios use old-school 3D content sharing via Google Drive and they’re sending feedback through emails as a scrawled notes on the 3D scene’s screenshot.

    We discovered a huge need for a timesaving collaboration platform in teams. From team dashboard, real-time collaboration, activity log to comments we cover the whole 3D content creation in the cloud for teams.

    Vectary – Google Drive in 3D

    3D Comments

    Get feedback from your client or manager, right on a specific part of your 3D project. Connect with Trello or Jira for easier planning.

    Vectary – Get feedback right on 3D scene

    Team Dashboard

    The dashboard was created in the way it’s useful for new users as well as fot the power user with hundreds of projects. It has to load fast and allow users to get things done. The goal was to design it clean and intuitivelly so the users spent their time modeling rather then organizing projects.

    Vectary Dashboard – Google Drive in 3D

    Activity Log

    Stay up to date with all changes that were made in your team. Reply to new comments, check project updates or confirm team invites. Important updates are sent to your email.


    Organize the Content

    Sidebar is the main navigation in the dashboard. The design I created covers sorting, filters, search, drafts and team folders, with all states for drag&drop function to copy, move or delete projects.



    Drag a project you have access to manipulate with and drop them into team’s folder or delete it.

    Teams & Drafts

    Organise workflow of 3D content creation with teams. Add folders, members and unlimited projects.

    Folder structure

    and move projects into folders and share them with a teammembers. Double click on the name triggers text edit.