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  • Hello my name is Milan.
    I’m a Product Designer
    based in Slovakia, Europe.

    Since 2014 I’m leading the Product team at Vectary – Online 3D and AR Design tool. As the product grown I gain skills how to manage the whole proces of building the product from scratch. Scroll down to learn more.
    Vectary – Online 3D and AR design tool


    Head of Product, 2014 - present

    Online 3D & AR Design platform for Graphic Designers. I joined Vectary as a 4th employee to build a fully featured 3D Design tool for designers. I’m responsible for how the product feel, looks and works.

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    During 12 years in the web industry I had an opportunity to experience whole bunch of technologies that helped me to be able to deliver the product from design to code.



    By creating a side-projects I gain a new knowledge I can use at work to push the project forward. I always pick an idea from the unknown field to me because that help me to learn new skills during the process.

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